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This week was the 1st full week off school so I packed the girls off to their granny’s! I mean I've got to ease myself into full on mamma day care right? They had an absolute blast as they always do with their granny and uncle NeeNee.

liz eva

Having them out the house has meant me and the boy could crack on and paint Eva's new bedroom that's been on the to do list for the last 6 months. I can't wait to get this room finished and her shipped in. I'm thinking there will be a seperate blog post on the new room of dreams once it's all done. 

IMG_3772  IMG_3797  IMG_3793

As lovely as it was not having the girls around (the peace and quiet oh the peace and quiet) it was so nice to get them back. We’ve had a play date with some friends and headed out on a bike ride. Now Eva is a pro at riding her bike I’m thinking lots more bike riding during the holidays.  

I was hoping we'd be able to play out in the garden this week so I could get outside jobs done but the weather gods thought it would piss all over my garden plans. I am so desperate for some warm sunshine; my body is literally craving it. Plus I have bought some rather fab shorts from H & M that I want to wear. Here's hoping the sun shines all of August. A girl can dream right? 

So that's it a rather dull week but a fairly productive one. Lots of orders have come in this week and I have finally gotten round to updating the website, something that I’ve put off for a while because it’s a boring task. I am finding that haven taken a little step away from work whilst recovering from the exhausted pigeon state (see previous blog)  I now have a passion for work again, an interest in creating beautiful pieces. Sometimes it’s good just to take a step back.

FullSizeRender (9)  IMG_3912  FullSizeRender (15)

We are heading back to the caravan for the weekend. We have a new awning to test drive (when did this become my life?) which will probably result in a divorce or some form of couples counselling. Wish me luck.

Have a fabulous weekend. 

Muchas Love

Mrs KnittyKnotts 


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