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Is it just my children that make me feel like this?

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I love my children, I really do and I would move heaven and earth for them but O...M...G!!!! have they pushed me to the absolute limits today...and 1 of them was at school all day!

It’s on days like these that I feel a complete let down as a mummy, I’m not being dramatic (well maybe just a tad) but that is just how I feel at this particular moment.

From tantrums about going down to breakfast, to not wanting to clean teeth, throwing themselves off the sofa, kicking the sofa, head butting the sofa, deciding it would be a fantastic idea to throw an almighty strop bang in the middle of the Tesco shop to have folk look at you with those beady stirs (please tell me you know the kind of stirs I’m talking about), to then pick up what appears to be a perfectly happy delightful 4 year old (man how she suckered me into that little illusion) for her to start the highly strung strops...again and then have the 1 year old think it would be a fantastic idea to throw t shirts and socks in the bath whilst I turn my back for the briefest of moments! Yes on days like these I feel a failure. Why? I’m tired. I’m tired of hearing my own voice say (and I quote) “No! Stop what you are doing right now”. “No! Do not pull your sister down the slide by her legs!” “No. Come out of the cupboard.” “No. Put the Corn Flakes back your about to have tea.” And I am pretty sure, no scrap that, I am 100% sure my children are pretty tired of hearing me say these things too. Yes I’ve tried reasoning with them when shouting lets me down, and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve even  bribed them with things to get them to be "lovely", but no I think they quite like seeing me rock back and forth in the corner!

Yes today I feel a rubbish mum, even though I know I’m not, because not every day is like today (thank god), today I let the children suck me of most of my sanity and its only bloody Monday, but tomorrow will be a new day and I will be prepared for the little darlings!


The 2 Miss KnittyKnotts...oh how I love them 

With love, a highly emotional mummy of 2

Mrs KnittyKnotts

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