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Miss KnittyKnotts embarks on her school journey

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How did it come around so quick? Four years has just flown by, mainly by watching Miss KnittyKnotts grow up in to a beautiful little lady, and now, tomorrow she is heading off to school (this is where you insert a sobbing mummy, me)

They say when you have a baby, enjoy every day, make the most of it because they will be heading off to school before you know it, and you think to yourself “don’t be daft 4 years is ages away”. News flash- it really isn’t is it? I am struggling far more with this transition than my Miss KnittyKnotts, who just cannot wait to start. Why am I struggling? Simply because I do not want her to go, I don’t want to have to share her with anyone, selfish I know, but this has been a major issue with me ever since she came into my life, and I don’t like change, I never had. I think I would of preferred her to of driven me to the point of despair  so I could of quite easily of deposited her at school, but no she has been a little superstar all summer...sods law.

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These past 6 weeks of the summer holidays have flown by. Apparently this happens when you are having fun you know. We have enjoyed rollicking here, there and everywhere on our little KnittyKnott adventures, whether it is heading off in our trusty Bouncing Bailey or just heading to the park to feed the ducks. So how did we spend our last day? Well by baking a yummy scrummy chocolate cake of course. No new adventure should ever start without chocolate cake! We then hot footed it off to Bransby Horses. A fantastic place where they re home/adopt retired and abandoned horses and donkeys, and you don’t have to be of a horsey nature to enjoy it as there’s a cracking cafe there! It’s only a 20 minute or so drive from Lincoln and what’s more it’s totally free!

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So back to this school malarkey. Miss KnittyKnotts uniform is all ironed, name labelled up and ready to be worn. For this little lady, this has been a long time coming, she has wanted to go to “big school” since last September and I know she will absolutely love it as she is an eager beaver to learn. And me? Well yes, like I said I don’t want her to go, but neither do I want her to not go I don’t want to be the mummy that holds her back and stops her from spreading her wings. Yes I am jealous of the teachers, they are going to be spending a rather large chunk of time with my Miss KnittyKnotts & I am completely uneasy of trusting them to look after her the way I do & I wish, I really wish I had just 1 more day before she has to go but as my mum has just told me 1 more day would never be enough, (and she’s not wrong it really wouldn’t be, just don’t tell her that after 31 years I am still trying to prove my mum wrong!). So I am going to take a positive approach and look forward and get excited when I pick her up for school, I’m going to enjoy all her little tales about the things she’s learnt and the friends she’s made, but mostly I am going to enjoy planning what adventures we are going to do when half term comes around because that’s when she’s all mine again! 

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Love from a very emotional and proud

Mrs KnittyKnotts

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