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  1. Happy New Year

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    I’ve come into the new year with such a positive attitude, unlike the hubster who is all “it's just another day” malarkey. But it isn’t just another day it’s our chance to make our mark on a fresh year. A chance to leave all your troubles, dramas behind and a chance to make changes for the better. It was a good year for KnittyKnotts from being seen in Brides magazine twice to bagging ourselves 3 twitter awards I’m not quite sure how we can top it this year. It’s the 1st time I’ve finally found my feet with KnittyKnotts, I have created popular products that so many of you love, I have mastered my packaging goals and I now know what kind of direction I would like my little handmade business to go in.

    IMG_8345  IMG_8347  FullSizeRender_1

    How your KnittyKnotts packaging looks 

    So what’s coming up in the New Year? Well each month you will see a “Gift of the Month”. This might be one of our top sellers or a new product, available at a special price just for you. January will see our New Baby Keepsake Cushions as our Gift of the Month.

    IMG_5598  IMG_8353  IMG_5806

    Gift of the Month; Personalised New Baby Keepsake Cushion £10.00

    I am a huge lover of Instagram, it’s a fab place to faff over photos (oh how I love to faff) and it’s such a wonderful community full of positive folks. So this year I want to trial our very own Brand Enthusiasts! Basically we are going to be looking for 2 or 3 popular accounts who would love to receive the occasional free KnittyKnotts products as well as a 20% discount on the website. What we will need in return is for you to share our products with clear quality photos. Not bad when you think about it hey? We want to get our brand out there and what better way to do it with help from our supporters. It might not take off but surely it’s worth a try? So keep an eye out for more details!

    Something else that I want to bring to the 2017 table is more one off hand embroidered quotes. I love a good motivational quote whether they are humorous or poignant. I’m often stamping quotes onto paper doilies, it’s kind of become our thing, but I want to get stitching them on to hoops.

    IMG_8346  IMG_8350  IMG_8348

    So there you have it just a few goals I want to achieve, now I’ve written them down and shared them they have to happen.

    Muchas love

    Mrs KnittyKnotts


  2. Hello Autumn, Hello You

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    Hey hey hey, it feels like a life time ago since I wrote on the blog! We’ve gone through a fantastic family summer, the big Miss KnittyKnotts has settled in well to year 2 and mini Miss KnittyKnotts is loving preschool. Now she’s at preschool it gives me actual set working hours for the week and it’s amazing, I cannot get over just how much I can get done, which is just brilliant as it means I’m not so stressed!

    So we’ve come out of a wonderful summer of discovering South Devon and North Cornwall. Now we are in the thick of autumn, one of my most favourite times of the year, and we are gearing up for Christmas. I love the hype that surrounds the months of October, November and December. The cosiness, woolly socks, hot chocolates and leaf kicking. A time were I like to crank the heating up so I feel like I’m sunning myself in the Maldives just to annoy Mr KnittyKnotts, aka the Heating Police.


    I often find when you hit the Autumn months you tend to want to reinvent yourself, make subtle changes whether that’s in your home or personally. Your wardrobe gets and overall as does your hair and possibly you make little changes in the home, the addition of candles and photos. It seems quite natural to make these changes and it’s no different to our mini business. We’ve had a packaging facelift and found a love of all things embroidered which we’ve added to the website. Our branding has had a bit of an overall too and I seem to of gone doily and hand stamping mad.

    FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2

    Anyway I’ve rambled for too long, I have doilies to stamp and gifts to sew.

    Toodles for now


    Mrs KnittyKnotts